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ConVRts offer a wide range of services utliising drones and other related technologies: Aerial FIlming / Photography, 360 video / photography, 3D modelling / mapping, Virtual Tours plus internal / external / thermal inspections and much more using a variety of drones.

For the very best photography and video, we use an Inspire 2 with X5S camera and accompanying lenses from 12mm to 45mm, ensuring we capture the very best shot. 

Inspections can be carried out by our Mavic 2 Pro / Zoom or Enterprise Dual Thermal with Drone Cage to help get up close and personal with the areas you are wanting to get a good look at!

Our Mavic Dual drone can capture basic Thermal imagery and data, however our Inspire 1 v2 with XT camera is always available for situations requiring a much higher resolution. While not quite as nimble as the Mavic in room cavities etc, the Inspire is great!

The Mavics and Inspire 2 can also be used with our DJI Goggles, allowing the client to monitor the images live and make specific determinations / changes mid-mission to ensure we capture the exact data required. 

Aerial Filming Liverpool

Aerial Thermal Imaging

Drone Inspections

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