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We are a Fife based Business with 30 years experience in Construction and Architectural Services working throughout Scotland. Several years ago,  we reviewed the use of drone technology, it's applications and advantages within our profession.  Having now successfully implemented applications of the drone within our own projects and those within other companies, we have demonstrated overall reduced time, reduced costs whilst providing an overall superior quality of service.

We can provide Aerial Footage or Photos for the folowing:

Land and Property Sales or Purchases - Create 3D models for Site Planning and Monitoring Progress of Projects - Stockpile Management & Volumetric Calculations - Aerial Photos to accompany applications or proposals eg. Planning. Forresty. Infrastructure. etc - Thermal Camera for Heat/Energy Loss, Locating Person/s or Animals, Security - Solar Panel Inspections - Wind Turbine Inspections - Survey and provide Data for third parties for use in Autodesk Civils software along with other software. High Buildings and Structures which are costly and dangerous to reach - Sporting Events - Filming Businesses at work - Monitoring Land Irrigation, Burns, Streams & Rivers - Landscape Architects - Tourist Industry

We hold a current PfCO and are certified for day and nightime operations by the CAA and fully Insured. We have a range of drones with High Resolution Cameras, Thermal Cameras, High Powered LED Spotlight, Loudspeaker & RTK capabilities for Surveying.

We are happy to discuss your individual requirements and offer a tailored package with a free no obligation quotation.


Aerial Photography and Video

3D Models Stockpile Management

Thermal and Searchlight Drone

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Holds current CAA PfCO
(Expires 26-02-2020)

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