Belfast’s Cavehill Country Park, Cold Winter evening. 1

Footage captured by Emerald Sky Media

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Cavehill Country Park, Belfast, Stunning, Cold evening. 1

A view of Cavehill country park and the path to the top, Climbing up to reveal the Lough, looking East towards the Mouth to the Irish Sea and the West of Scotland.

Visitors to Cave Hill Country Park can enjoy panoramic views across Belfast from vantage points on the hillside. Park features include Cave Hill Adventurous Playground, archaeological sites, Cave Hill Visitor Centre, an ecotrail, gardens, orienteering routes, refreshments (in Belfast Castle), scenic views and waymarked walking trails suitable for casual walkers or serious ramblers.

For generations, Cave Hill has been synonymous with Belfast, with its imposing outline visible throughout the city. The landmark, named for the five caves located on the side of the cliffs, contains a wealth of natural, archaeological and historical features, including Belfast Castle.

Its most famous feature, known locally as Napoleon's Nose, is believed to have been the inspiration for Jonathan Swift's novel, Gulliver's Travels.

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